Kicking & Screaming

TravelA little fanfare, if you please!

*waits for the confetti and streamers to settle with a graceful hush to the floor*

I have just dragged -kicking and screaming and nipping with darn sharp teeth-  the climax of Quiver (Book Three) from the metaphorical plains of Kansas to the mountains of Colorado!

*waits for the confusion and the “WTF?”s to die down to a manageable grumble*

In other, much clearer words, I have somehow managed to shove and finagle the climactic event of Quiver from the halfway point back to the 3/5 point!

Chapter 12 (out of 20) now houses the big bang of the book.

My pyramid now leans!… (See yesterday’s blog for this sentence make any sense whatsoever.)

If you follow this blog faithfully, you’ll know this is a super, big deal. It is a terrific accomplishment that means 2 very important things.

1.) Quiver can now be said to flow energetically instead of hiccupping abruptly… Yeah!

2.) I can now shut the freak up about line graphs, pyramids, geographical metaphors requiring maps and arithmetic and storyline arcs… Party time! (Hence the earlier call for confetti.)

Pardon me while I go bask in my small but brutally fought for victory.

Have a terrific Saturday, folks!

Until tomorrow…


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