The Final Stretch

stockvault-a-cute-young-girl-on-a-track-field158954And here we go!

The frantic, frenetic, final push to Quiver’s deadline on October 15 begins today.


(I realize there should be exclamation points latched on to that “Yippee” but I’m feeling a bit ornery this morning and simply refuse to add them. Alas, this is probably my one rebellious act of the day as there’s considerable work to do. *sighs*)

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’ve got myself a mighty fine outline to guide my way to Quiver’s end.

There’ll be no getting lost with this baby.

No Crimean Wars popping up out of the blue… (I have a history of this. Seriously. *lol*)

No uninvited supporting characters barging their way into the last edits of the novel, flailing their arms, screaming like banshees and making a general nuisance of themselves… (‘Tis true. Another honest story. And perhaps the reason I no longer write paranormal romance, a genre which attracts last minute banshees like moths to a flame.)

Yes, it’s looking to be a relatively boring final push to the end…

And ain’t that freaking grand!

Until tomorrow…


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