The Gorilla Glue Days

stockvault-gorilla103083A giant, wet sponge.

That’s been my weather for the last forever… (i.e. five, excruciatingly long, “Where the crap is the sunshine in the freaking Sunshine State!?” days.)

I don’t do sponge-weather well.

At all.

While my writing is going surprisingly well and speedy, the rest of the universe seems to be dragging like a dead weight…. up a hill… made of molasses and gorilla glue.

So, in an act of supreme kindness on my part, I will not keep you here more than a bloated tic of that ever-infuriating clock.

You’re welcome.

Now, run before the sponge gets you too.

Until tomorrow…


(SIDE NOTE: This miniscule, scrawny, frankly pitiful post took THIRTY stupid minutes to write! No further proof of sponginess is required.)

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