The Clever Tickle

black-featherBeing unexpectedly clever always tickles me.

This particularly instance happened yesterday and I’m still childishly giggling over it.

(Yes. It’s going to be one of “those” blogs in which I preen like a heavily medicated peacock. Forgive me. This colorful bout of self-confidence won’t last long, I sadly assure you.)

So, I was working on the final scene of Quiver yesterday. Tying up loose ends, wrapping all subplots up in a pretty bow, when the most deliciously clever idea occurred to me.

*blushes soundly*

Of course, it was not as delicate as that. (If you’ve learned little else from 10 months of this daily blog, you’ve surely learned that Chloe does not do delicate.)

This clever idea of mine didn’t tap me on the shoulder and say “Well, hello there.”


This clever idea took me out at the knees and walloped me frightfully about the head with a goose feather pillow. (SIDE NOTE: My clever ideas always come with goose feathers. Maybe that’s why they tickle me so? *smirks cleverly*)

Anyhow, it was just a really great idea.

A perfect ending to a mystery romance… or so the heavily medicated peacock tells me.


Until tomorrow…


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