Hard Hat Days

stockvault-construction-silhouette143262“Work in progress.”

In your mind, please place this admonition over all the blogs detailing my work on the Six Brothers project.

For instance, everything I professed in yesterday’s post about voice and style and “needless daisies” should be disregarded as hogwash.

I was wrong.

Oh, it was an honest mistake. I believed everything I was spouting and was fully prepared to embark on the short, dramatic, punchy sentences…

But, then, I dared to have a peek at some of today’s bestselling historical romance authors and found that needless daisies were in fact very much in season.

Not groves and groves of them, but they were indeed spattered about quite liberally.

After squeaking in utter glee, I spent the rest of the work day defining all sorts of wonderfully exacting details for my characters.

It was delightful.

But it also meant I needed to hammer up the “Work in Progress” sign first thing this morning.

That done and with apologies made and hopefully accepted, I leave you to your Friday.

Until tomorrow…


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