A Dash of the Arcane

herbs-02A day of personal upheaval in the family precluded a lot of writing yesterday. (Sometimes being “self-employed” and “freelance” isn’t such a bad thing after all. I have yet to lay myself off. Although my mind has locked me out of the building a time or two, but we won’t be discussing that. *smirks*)

Anyhow, I did manage to get another 100 words eked out. I don’t know whether I should be expecting applause for this “monumental” task or a general wince from mankind at my measly effort?

My shimmying method of working through the Colonial dictionary I fear has about run its course. While I will be constantly referencing the collection of era-appropriate words and phrases, I will be using them simply as flavor.

I want the Six Brothers to be easy to read and follow. Using arcane language that needs footnotes every other sentence does not equal a smooth, enjoyable, romantic read.

Or at least that’s the theory I’m running with.

Please keep your fingers crossed that said-theory isn’t a dud.

Until tomorrow…


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