My Affair

LockflowerI enjoyed a brief affair with the poet William Blake yesterday afternoon.

Yes, the man is dead (long dead, as in centuries in the ground kind of dead).

No, I was not experiencing a disturbing blip on my sanity meter nor was I dabbling in séance-ology.

What I was doing, however, might surprise you.

Care to guess?

*nibbles on a handful of glazed doughnut holes as the guesses bounce off the blog auditorium’s walls*

*smirks smugly when not a single answer comes close to the truth*

I, ladies and gentlemen, was mining for a proper title for the Six Brothers project!

*audience rolls eyes and sighs in grumbling disappointment*

Ok. Admittedly, only me, my mom and a certain four-legged, furry muse probably find this news exciting, but I share it nonetheless.

An inquiring mind or two might wonder if I found that proper title?

That inquiring mind will be happy to hear my “Oh, yes!”

But that inquiring mind will have to wait a bit to hear the long-winded answer. I’ve got to live with it a couple of days to make sure it fits and I’m happy with it.

*that lone inquiring mind rolls eyes and sighs in grumbling disappointment*

Well, now that I’ve disappointed the entire world, I will leave you to your Halloween.

Until tomorrow…


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