The Physical Cajole

household-15After seven hours of taking a melon baller to my highly-trained and regularly effusive imagination and scraping out not a single word (let me repeat here, NOT A SINGLE WORD) toward the Six Brothers, I called my mother, confessed to being a waste of her DNA, grabbed a hoe and hacked to death a gang of weeds in my flower garden.

That was my Tuesday.

How was yours?

*chuckles grimly*

Yesterday I sucked so bad at being a writer it was absurd.

At one point I was literally clawing at my head, trying to pull, yank, physically cajole my freaking imagination into giving me something. Anything. Heck, I would have taken a “Jack ran up Bunker Hill” at that point.

But, nope. I got nothing.

I tried all my writing tricks that usually drag at least a 100 words of useable fluff-smut from my head.

Again, I came up dry.

The frustration, I feared, was going to be interminable, scarring, a bloody mess to clean up…

So I called my mommy and turned to the hoe.

Absurdity, thy name is Chloe Stowe.

Until tomorrow…


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