Love & War

kids-playing-23After a night in which my complete ineffectuality as a human being was blasted at me in dream Technicolor, I humbly ask apologies for my tone today.

It could be a little, well, pissy.


Now, putting that aside, I’d like to discuss Writer Warfare today.

*glances pointedly at my 15 pound, four-legged, muse kitted out in combat helmet and tac vest*

*studiously ignores the “You are SOOO going to pay for this” look on said geared-up beast’s face*

As I mentioned yesterday, I struggle with writing the traditional romantic female leads.

I generally find them boring and pretentious.

*warily watches the door for RWA (Romance Writer Association) troops to storm the house and strip me bare of my membership*

So, now that I’ve alienated most likely half of my readers I better explain myself before picket signs start popping up in all my comment boxes.

A “perfect” man is so much easier to swallow than a “perfect” woman. (Minds out of the gutters, people. *snickers*)

In my opinion, the best protagonist is a flawed protagonist. And while each of these traditional female leads I’m wary about have their foibles and sometimes truly gashing scars, their faults by the end of the love story are so caked over with the heavy-handed blush of romance that they resemble Barbie dolls more than living, breathing humans.

*listens as another quarter of the audience storms out the blog auditorium’s doors*

Of course, all of the above may only be a result of my skewed life. (A chronic panic disorder which sends you into the DTs at the unexpected ring of your doorbell does tend to taint your view on the world.)

I realize that and I am trying my darnedest to battle it, hence, the warfare bit and the camo paint on my dog.

Admitting your problem is half the battle, they say. So, with the confession part now in the books, I hope the skirmishes with the dear ladies of the Six Brothers will be toned down just a bit.

I’m trying.

My muse is trying.

I’ll keep you updated on the efforts from the field.


Until tomorrow…


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