stockvault-old-phone125024Admittedly, I was a little sneaky.

No, I didn’t resort to the donning of masks and dark, fanciful cloaks. There was no ringing the front doorbell and then scurrying in through the rear the moment their backs were turned. I didn’t even have to resort to prank phone calls in false voices.

My treachery was tiny and a little bit silly.

Approaching the Six Brothers project, I realized that I didn’t want to just walk into it like every other day. I knew I’d let myself get stuck on that monstrous outline. I’d trip over all those chapters and all those scenes and sprain something before I even wrote a single word.

So, I didn’t open my Scrivener (where all my novel pursuits lay). I instead went straight to the good old Word program, opened myself up a blank document and wrote whatever the heck I wanted.

The sneakiness actually worked.

Over 500 words of really good writing was done lickety-split. Before I knew it, two of my major characters had their personalities bloom right before my wide, unbelieving eyes. It was wonderful!

The point is this: Don’t be afraid to sneak up on your writing project and say “Boo!” Sometimes it’s just what the both of you need.

Until tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Clandestine

    1. I agree! I normally approach my novels in that way, but with this first BIG (100k vs. 50K words) novel I felt I needed to stick closer to my outline… Wrong! I’m going back to my tried and true ways and so far it’s working.

      Thanks so much for the comment and good luck with your writing!


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