Up the Banana Tree

Ripe Banana BunchGood news like fresh bananas likes to come in bunches.

*pauses while the wisdom of that statement ferments in your soul*

So as I was scrounging around the banana tree yesterday, it wasn’t entirely surprising to find Quiver’s cover betwixt the leaves.

And may I just say that it is piping hot.

I’m absolutely loving it, which is so particularly nice since this is most likely the last cover I’ll receive from Ravenous Romance.

I was expecting the delivery to be bittersweet but I’m tasting nothing but the sugary good stuff right now.

Scrambling up from one rung on the career ladder to the next isn’t easy, as you all well know. So it is extremely nice to have a sizzling picture of two strikingly handsome men making out to see me and my pup off to the mainstream.

No release date has been given to me yet, but I couldn’t resist sharing Quiver’s cover with you all a little early.

Have a great Friday before Christmas, everyone!

Until tomorrow…


Dawn in the English Lake District

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