Author’s Tool #17: Self-Flagellation

stockvault-human-heart-ampamp-lungs-circa-1911148444Just to prove that there is more than well-meaning hogwash pumping through these veins of mine, allow me to illustrate how I put yesterday’s blog to actual use.

(SIDE NOTE: For any who either didn’t read yesterday’s blog or have let it slip from their minds, a few key words might be helpful… corpse, lye, emotional clusterf**k. There, that should get you primed and ready. Off you go.)

Without going into gruesome details, my little fall-apart this past Friday had to do with a sudden stab of loneliness.

So, instead of sweeping that really messy moment under the rug and forgetting about my lapse into morbid self-pity, I have used it to add further depth to Thackary, one of my infamous Six Brothers.

Having not felt that kind of “You are cursed to be alone for the rest of eternity” self-flagellation for a while, I have picked apart the pain and jotted down some awesome notes for dear Thackary (a lone man who I identify with rather ridiculously.)

Sometimes you actually have to live through something to be able to write about it honestly. (Most of the time, this is not the case. Faking it is a tried and true literary trick that usually works out marvelously well, but sometimes…)

So, I have generously given my “pain” to Thackary.

A writer sacrifices much for their art. *smirks wryly*

Anyhow, I don’t know if this helps or not, but there you go. Use my madness as you will.

Until tomorrow…


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