stockvault-lover-father100192As a writer I can be rather full of myself sometimes.

*pauses, hopes for gasps of honest surprise and shouts of denial… receiving none, carries on with a well-timed sniffle*

Case in point: A little, bitty part of my childless self has been hoping that my Six Brothers project would serve as my contribution to the family legacy. Based on the true story of six Scots-Irish brothers on my father’s side of the family who fought in America’s Revolution, that tiny, self-important niggle of me has grand plans of cementing those men’s sacrifices in the hearts of readers around the world…

*clears throat, tumbling back to reality*

Well, I’m sure you get my meaning.

Who knows if this will ever come to fruition. Who knows if a single soul beside my agent and a few unimpressed editors will ever read their/my story. But at least the effort has been made. I comfort my uterus-less self with that.

Today, 100 years ago my grandmother on my mother’s side was born. A remarkable spitfire of a woman this world misses her warmth and her light every day.

Her name was Ann and she was magnificent.

*pauses to check the blog follower numbers one more time*

By my best calculations, this little blog of mine has well over 500 dedicated followers throughout the various mediums. Perhaps, just perhaps, even if my Six Brothers never find print, this mention of my grandmother on her 100th birthday in this very post will contribute at least something to the family legacy.

See? Told you I was rather full of myself.

*chuckles softly*

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!

Until December 26th


Acclaimed author of 17 novels (my dogs and mother adore me), World traveler (I’ve felt the Sahara Desert between my toes… still gobsmacked over the stars in the Sahara) And survivor (of three dirty-fighting gremlins named Anxiety, Panic and OCD)… My name is Chloe Stowe. Hello. If you’ve found your way here, you’ve most likely arrived on the coattails of my blog, The Words and Madness of Chloe Stowe. Started in 2012, my daily rantings now number in the thousands. Ranging from humorous to moody, poignant to absurd, these tiny tidbits of thought began as a way to get my name “out there.” It has long since morphed into an effort just to “be there” for anybody out there struggling with words or madness, like me. Quick biographical sketch of me? Nerd turned nut at nineteen. In my sophomore year at Auburn University, I was taken out at the knees by severe panic attacks. Chronic anxiety soon joined the dogpile, followed shortly by OCD tendencies. Oh, it was ugly. I eventually had to quit school and soon quit life, as well. I spent a good chunk of my 20’s not able to leave my room. Twenty years later, it’s still can get ugly in my head. Thanks to meds and doctors, however, I am able to lead a better life, now. I still can’t work outside the house, but I can live and smile and write. So, here I am. Broken, but stubbornly present. I hope my voice proves company to someone lonely out there. Thanks for reading! Chloe Stowe

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