Family: The Verb

stockvault-playground-swing139944With fatigue settling in my bones like 18th century squatters, I am struggling to find anything enlightening to say today… But I will try. It is, after all, what I do.

*the swell of appreciation at my haughtiness/sarcasm is alarming if not totally non-existent*

In a bit of a foul mood this morning so please excuse any disagreeables I might chunk out there. Duck and cover might be a wise strategy. Employ it often.

Carrying on…

Not only did I not write a single word yesterday, I spared not a glance at my computer. (How the world didn’t end at this, I don’t know.)

I family-ed myself into something of a blurry delirium instead. Talking so much to people other than my dog, my mother or my psychiatrist is not only weird and exhausting, it’s a bit quaking on my poor psyche as well. (Think San Francisco on a see-saw.)

Anyhow, during all this family-ing I tried my best to take mental notes on the intrinsic push and pull all families weather through daily. I tried to jot down any dynamics that could be put to use in my Six Brothers project idling at the curb…

But despite these grandiose efforts, I got nothing.


Nada times two.

I simply came out with squatters in my bones.

How is my life real?

Until tomorrow…


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