The Call of the Home Stream is Strong

stockvault-kruger-park-landscape133565Please, everyone, take your seats. Do not fear, any and all co-mingling over cocktails and party sausages will resume shortly.

The promised news from yesterday’s post is here!

As reported several weeks ago, the five novels of mine which Ravenous Romance recently released the rights to have indeed found new homes.

Today, I’d like to announce that I will be joining Riverdale Ave. Books!

Not only will they be reprinting my five stray stories, they have asked me to write new books and novellas for them as well!

The quandary in which this firmly sets me will no doubt be addressed in gory, wordy detail in future posts. However, I will bottom line it for you here…

The call of the home stream (m/m romance) is strong. But when the only viable (financially-speaking) future is in the mainstream of publishing, what’s a little guppy to do?

The answer of course is to soldier on. Mainstream romance here this tiny fishy comes.

But, are short visits to known, “easier” (as in, “I’m an old hand at the strokes required there”) waters a good idea or bad?

And there lies the quandary, the temptation and the cocktail sausages.

Until tomorrow…


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