NEW RELEASE… Quiver, The Lion & the Steed Series Book III

Dawn in the English Lake DistrictToday I celebrate the release of my 17th novel!  Now available at all the usual suspects (Amazon, All Romance Ebooks, Barnes & Noble, Ravenous, etc…), I hope you will enjoy a little quiver of romance.

My “normal” daily blog will be posted later today (without any of this self-promotion), so please join me then for the expected madness.

Thank you for giving Quiver and me a glance.

Chloe Stowe

Blackmailed to return home to England, Brevyn Steed, with Samuel Lyon at his side, must confront Brevyn’s troubling past and a brother who openly despises him.A brilliant theft, a surprising death, the hidden agendas of all are confronted in Quiver, the romantic conclusion to “The Lion and the Steed” series.What started as a brief, though intense love affair between two startling different men has grown into an epic tale of writhing drama, heart-pounding sex and now quivering, beautiful completion.Love conquers all, but at what cost?

3 thoughts on “NEW RELEASE… Quiver, The Lion & the Steed Series Book III

    1. I should be able to tell you in the next week or so. Ravenous Romance just stopped publishing it 12 days ago and I’m busy negotiating with a new publishing house to get the entire Chloe Stowe collection back in print/ebook. I will keep you updated… if plans fall through I’m planning to tackle the self-publishing beast. Thank you so much for inquiring!


      1. Awesome!! Thank you so much Ms. Stowe for following up! I cannot wait to continue with the last installment of the Lion and the Steed series. I am sooo excited!!


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