Burn Pile List #4… Apathy

naughty-kids-11I wrestled with this one for a while. (And let me tell you the gyrations were most unpleasant.)

Apathy is a terrible thing. And while it is preferable to hate (isn’t there enough of that going around these days?), the margin of “victory” is small.

I wince even saying this, but hatred is a useful tool in writing. Characters are often driven by the emotion. Just ask the iconic literary villains. Even the good guys use hatred to feed their heroics.

Apathy, however, is vacuous Nothing comes out of it but inaction. This is not to say that characters can’t feel apathy. Of course they can. But this is about the author.

Experiencing apathy teaches the writer nothing. The state of cold, unwavering indifference is the antithesis of what an author of fiction is.

So, onto the burn-pile with you, apathy! And good riddance.

Until tomorrow…


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