Naughty Hopscotch

stockvault-sunrise143643Getting up to blog two hours before dawn is either a sign of fervent dedication or feverish lunacy. Just saying….

Well, actually, my dog is “just saying.” She’s looking at me like I’m a loon. Dragging her out of bed at 5 am to stare helplessly at a blank screen is not her idea of good times. I’ll be paying for this transgression the rest of the day.


When I started back double-timing it on The Hushing Days (formerly the Six Brother project, remember) this past Monday, I had this grand plan to write the book from Prelude to Epilogue straight-through. No jumping around, no playing hopscotch with the chapters. I was going to write it chronologically with great calm and efficiency.

Yeah, well.

Monday thru Wednesday, I was a good girl slaving away on Chapter One.

Thursday thru Friday, hello naughtiness and Chapter Sixteen.

I have no explanation for this. There is no excuse.

Let this serve as my confession… then let me get back to my naughtiness. Chapter Eight is calling.

Until tomorrow…


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