Command Decision Time -or- The Dreaded CDT

Tomatoes isolated on white background.Command decision time.

*four-legged, furry muse tucks tail and runs*

Despite what my dog, and probably my mother, would claim, “command decision time” does not necessitate the drums of doom swelling in the background. Not all CDT’s precipitate bleak, life-changing announcements (such as the classic “I’ve decided to quit school because I’m going insane” gem back in ’92. I’m sure my mother still shivers at the memory of that one.)

Nope, this CDT is quite boring. A yawner, if you will.

I’ve decided to scrap the daily word quota today and only write as much as I want to write.

While hardly earth-shattering news to the generally sane public, this “wildness” on my part is big in my little abnormal world (the guilt-ridden, obsessive perfectionist nut world, to be exact.)

So, please join me in either applauding this unexpected break from my stringent routine… Or throw a tomato at me and call me a slacker. That command decision is yours.

Until tomorrow…


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