stockvault-colonial-musicians-in-ceramic137333Just a couple of knick-knacks for you this morning. Feel free to shove them to the back of your shelves and let them gather dust.

1.) Overwhelmed a bit by The Hushing Days at the moment. There are so many historical doo-dads to tuck into the storyline that I’m constantly feeling that I’m missing something.

2.) Despite knick-knack #1, I have been churning out a steady word count every day. The 1k battle plan I lauded last week has been downgraded to 800 words per day. My brain and all its colorful oddities feel a bit more comfy with that number.

3.) Thinking of starting a gardening blog at my Cora Douglas Sands website. It would get some traffic going to The Hushing Days’ penname site. I’ll keep you updated.

4.) Knick-knack #3 would NOT be a daily blog. I’m not that insane.

5.) Tired of trying so gosh-darn hard at this writing career thing. It would be sooooo much easier just to settle into leach-hood and accept my role as familial burden with a mellow smile.

6.) I’m too stubborn, hard-headed and ornery to ever surrender to knick-knack #5. Whether this is a good or bad thing, I have no idea.

Until tomorrow…


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