Perspective Overdue

malteseIt’s been remarked that I’m entirely self-centered. (This is a complete fallacy, mind you, but a misconception I’ll allow to remain for the purpose of this post. Now, let’s carry on, shall we?)

I want what I want when I want it.

Alliteration aside, I believe this is a fair assessment of most of our lives. After all, selfishness is key to the healthy concept of self… (Feel free to jot that one down. It is rather spectacular.)

The point is, I deserve more.

I work bloody hard; though no one, but I, seems to take note of it.

That ends today.

I, the much-maligned “four-legged, furry muse” of this blog and dear Chloe’s entire, though miniscule, life, have hijacked this morning’s post for a well-deserved, oft-forgotten smattering of applause.

Go ahead, then. I’ll wait.

There. That wasn’t so hard, now was it?

*sighs, well-satisfied with the morning’s toil*

You will find Chloe secured safely in the treat closet. (It’s that drab little room off the kitchen where she is ever-intent on hiding my treats. As if I could not turn the knob and open the door whenever I wished. Really.)

Now, a snuggle on the couch is calling.

You may carry on with your lives.

Until tomorrow…

The Muse

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