Birthing Cora -or- Welcoming a New Penname into the Fold

stockvault-garden-archway126337After a very fruitful week of writing on The Hushing Days (averaged just over 700 words a day), I am hoping to redirect a few of my professional labors this afternoon into my new gardening blog.

*coughs into fist, studiously ignoring the piteous dismay on my dog/muse/drama queen’s face*

Perhaps, a few words in my defense are needed.

This new, NOT daily blog will be written under the penname I am planning to publish The Hushing Days under. “Cora’s Garden” (subtitled The Misadventures of an Author, her Muse and their Garden) will hopefully start getting the Cora Douglas Sands name out there.

As I’ve stated before, I will proudly state that I am also the writer Chloe Stowe who has published bunches and bunches of goodies in the m/m romance genre. (Just give the site a look and you will see on the home page my Chloe Stowe logo.)

Besides the possible career help, I think it will be lots of fun to chronicle the hobby both my muse and I adore. Of course, this does not get you out of the horticultural loop. My daily blog here will continue to toss in a healthy amount of gardening mishaps and victories. This is after all who I am.

If you get anything out of this post (besides a painful eye-roll), I hope it is this…

Marketing your penname is your job. Consider it a second career. Like it or not, this is how the publishing machine rolls.

Alright, enough of my chatter. Have a great Saturday!

Until tomorrow…


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