Dangle Me This

stockvault-foggy-woods127006Clawing myself out of the post-Super Bowl fog is proving rather difficult this morning, so please forgive any inconsistencies, misspellings, and grammatical miscalculations.

As for dangling participles, however, they are all intentional… I’ll dangle my participle wherever I gosh-darn want to, Mr. 9th Grade High School English Tyrant! (Yes, there are issues there, but no need to dwell.)

Looking ahead (and trying to scrape last night’s painful goal-line interception from the inside of my skull), I will once again be writing 800 words on The Hushing Days today.

Yes, it sounds rather boring. But when Sunday’s total word output was 49, Monday’s 800 word goal does appear a bit more momentous. It’s all in the perspective, you see.

I haven’t had the guts to check on camel-gate yet (see yesterday’s blog for the gruesome details). But after my Prozac settles into my bloodstream, I’ll give it a go.

Thankfully, even if the camel is still there, I now have a good guess as to how to shoo him away. Inspiration struck while I was making a Vanilla Pound Cake yesterday. Apparently, the engineering gears in my mind seem to work better with flour and spatulas about… Don’t ask. I couldn’t tell you.

Alright, off with you! Monday awaits and there are participles to hang.

Until tomorrow…


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