Preen Thy Feathers

stockvault-peacock-feather109387Well, the camel is gone.

This is notable on two levels.

1.) The camel is gone. Duh.

2.) How many blogs do you know can seriously pull off an opening line like that? I’d wager few indeed. *the inner peacock proudly preens her eccentric feathers*

The fact that I cheated, just a wee-little, on ridding my Cora Sands website of the desert beast is neither here nor there. Throwing up my hands and finally just linking the “Cora’s Garden” blog to its WordPress sister I will argue was an act of strategical brilliance, not desperation.


Moving on…

For the last ten days, all my writing on The Hushing Days has been done in longhand on sheets of college-ruled notepaper.

This is notable on two levels.

1.) I’ve written for ten days in a row on The Hushing Days. (The 49-word Super Bowl Sunday I view as an excused absence. It was the SUPER BOWL. Duh.)

2.) At least 90% of the writing on my previous 17 novels was done straight to the computer.

Let’s take this second point as your takeaway bit of the day… (After all, the rest of this post has been rather useless to humanity.)

Don’t be afraid to mix up your writing process. While there’s a lot of superstition usually attached to this kind of stuff, don’t shy away from playing around with the “rules” you’ve set up for yourself on past projects.

Jazz things up, people! It’s a good thing.

Until tomorrow…

Chloe the Camel-less

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