Keeping It Simian

stockvault-sleepy99933Progress has been made!

That’s right. To the complete and utter astonishment to both your would-be mainstream author and her war-weary, four-legged muse, I can honestly say significant progress was made on The Hushing Days yesterday.

*pauses as the monkey leaps off my back and goes to take five… yells at the little simian to get a beer while he’s at it (Lord knows he deserves it)*

Every novel has those scenes that define the story both in style and substance. Think of it as the one shot a moviegoer remembers of a film twenty years down the road.  (i.e. Scarlett clutching the dirt of Tara in her hand and vowing “Never to be hungry again,” or Sally faking it for Harry in the diner.)

“Keepers,” I like to call them.

Well, I wrote one humdinger of a “keeper,” yesterday. Nothing was left dangling to finish later. No question marks were left as place markers for things needing further research.

Done, complete, fini! That scene has now been filed away as ready-to-go. It was magnificent and much, much needed.

Now, before the monkey gets back with his Bud Light, I’m off to enjoy a brief burden-less stroll through the tulips.

Until tomorrow…


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