Days of Straws and Squash

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Cora's Garden

Winter Squash Winter Squash… 2/21/15

It’s been a busy week here in Cora’s Garden.

First and foremost, my furry, four-legged muse turned 13 on Friday! (Still suffering the hangover from that party, let me tell you.)

Second, half of the seedlings have been moved to halfway houses (individual pots) and have been introduced to outdoor life for a few hours every day.

Third, I failed at murdering the Sweet Pea.

Despite placing the delicate, baby vine and her objectionable stick (see previous blog for this story) out in a vicious windstorm which cracked the Sweet Pea in half, the flower has surprisingly survived my attentions. I’ll try harder next time.

As you’ll see in the attached pictures, I have employed some unusual helpers in my garden’s halfway houses. Straws, toothpicks, garbage bag ties all play vital roles in unscripted drama.

The other half of the seedlings should see their new homes tomorrow…

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