stockvault-newspapers-for-sale147397Indulge me, please.

*waits patiently until the escaping horde of followers clears the exits*

For those brave, foolhardy souls who remain, I thank you. I’ll try to make this brief.

Believe it or not, even I get tired of blogging constantly about my writing. While it does take up a significant fraction of my life (98.3% at last count), I do have other concerns, other passions.

In honor of yesterday’s writing “Catch-All,” here is a tee-tiny list of the other things that rile me…

1.) Ceasefire in the Ukraine:  Really? Plop Putin down into the town of Debaltseve and see what kind of peaceful vibes he’d be feeling.

2.) Terrorism Free-for-All:  The terror groups around the world are feeding off of one another. One-upmanship in brutality and threats is rampant and will only grow until somebody puts a real hurting to at least one of them. My opinion: U.S. ground troops will be required to stop ISIS.

3.)  Africa:  From the ebola outbreak to Boko Haram to the crisis in the South Sudan, we do a fine job of ignoring those crises until one happens to accidentally brush against us. Bottom line: Africa matters. Could someone in the West please remember that?

4.) Gay Marriage Battle in Alabama:  Judge Roy Moore is an idiot. And as a woman born and bred in Alabama, I am terribly embarrassed to be from a state that voted “Ten Commandments Moore” back into office. In both cases, he is absolutely free to have his opinions, but as an elected official of the state he is REQUIRED to obey the laws of the land. In short: Judge Roy Moore is more than just an idiot, he is an embarrassment to the state.

Well, as it seems that I’ve failed stupendously in making this brief, I will end my little tirade here. Thank you for your indulgence.

Until tomorrow…


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