Negative Space

stockvault-yoga-pose107270Negative space.

It’s a concept most often used in visual art. For example, in a photograph of your dog standing in front of a wall, your dog (the subject matter in focus) is the positive space, while the white wall behind her is the negative space. In any composition, it’s hard to have one without the other.

Well, yesterday (in a moment of novel introspection, I guess you could say), I realized that The Hushing Days is mostly negative space. The entire story is a study of what is left when a singularly important person is suddenly cut out of a family’s life.

Oh, I’m sure this has been done a gazillion times before in literature. I’m by no means shouting “Eureka!” and staking a claim on a concept.

But, the point is, I’ve never done it before.

In fact, I didn’t realize I was doing it until approximately 8 hours ago.

Now, I can’t quite decide if I should be freaking out and panicking and trying to fix this or that?

Or should I just fold into some kind of yoga pose and “Ohmmm” peacefully?

*sighs pitifully*

I’m off to have a cookie. That’ll clear things up.

Until tomorrow…


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