The Patchwork Moon

stockvault-red-dunes100950After a tremendous amount of work yesterday (i.e. transcribing, copying, pasting, rearranging, rearranging some more, threatening to send each of the Six Brothers out to the curb, my dog/muse threatening to send me to the curb), I collapsed last night with the knowledge that 1/3 of The Hushing Days is now complete!

Relief is mine.

(Pardon me while I smoosh it to death against my chest.)

I have reached the point of no return… and, man, does it feel good!

I think every writer reaches a point in a project where they look back at what they’ve written, assessing it as a whole not just a bunch of scenes pasted together, and realizes one of the following (depending on your analogy-preferences):

a.) Come hell or high water, the book is going to get written. Even if you croak, your ghost will come back and finish the darn thing.

b.) All opportunities to abort the mission have passed. No matter how you might try to scramble or yank, you are inescapably strapped to the rocket heading straight to the moon. Next stop, la luna.

c.) The patchwork quilt has been pieced together. While a few more blocks may or may not be added, it’s time to strap the piece to the frame and call in the quilting bee.

d.) Fate is now attached to the project. Good luck messing with that.

Yep, I’m fondling me some relief this morning.

Feel free to have a squeeze.

Until tomorrow…


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