The Writing Itch

stockvault-marathon-in-santiago-chile104229With all the tedious, methodical, BORING administrative work on The Hushing Days done, I will finally be able to return to writing the darn thing.

As I stated in yesterday’s blog, Fate has now become attached to the novel. It will be done. End of story, so to speak.

But with destiny now on board, I’ve got the Writing Itch.

No need to sanitize your eyeballs or rub your keyboard with lye, there is no dread disease or embarrassing condition attached to it. In fact, in this case, an itch is a marvelous thing.

I want to write.

I want to write now.

I want to feel the homestretch under my feet.

I want to raise my arms to the sky and feel that cheesy banner rip across my heaving chest!

*deep breath, deep breath, calm myself down*

The only trouble with this go-getter mentality is the tiny fact that I’m only 1/3 done with the book…

But it feels like so much more now that it’s all been pieced together into well thought-out chapters. The end is nigh and I can feel it. I can feel it!

*deep breath, pop a Prozac, deep breath*

So, this simple, rather irrefutable, correlation has been reached in my mad, mad writing life…

With the end of chaos, comes the Itch.

End of story, so to speak.

Until tomorrow…


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