After the Hanky-Panky

women-22This one’s for all the OCD flavored writers out there. Embrace the minutia, my friends!

(For everyone else, I advise bracing yourself for a little numerical mayhem. I have no idea if the following will help a single creative soul out there, but I wouldn’t be foolhardy Chloe if I didn’t try.)

Ok, here we go…

After days of extensive administrative hanky-panky with The Hushing Days, the following hard data has come to light:

a.) My first mainstream romance novel has lost 2 of its planned 21 chapters. This was not intentional. In fact, I spent two hours searching for them under the couch to no avail.

b.) Out of the approximate 60 scenes outlined for the Revolutionary War-era drama, all but 18 now have extensive wordage attached to them. The untouched 18 are scattered randomly throughout the story like seeds in the wind. What this says about my creative process/psychological state I wisely choose not to contemplate.

c.) Despite all the technical haggling of the last few days, the story’s core 6 brothers have remained 6. Earlier, if you recall, I considered rubbing the youngest sibling out of existence (a bit of total-character-number panic, there.) Well, Leo has not only survived, he has begun to thrive in his supporting character role. Who knew?

Hopefully some insight can be gleamed from this.

But since that is probably not the case and now that I’ve completely wasted approximately 23 seconds of your life, I will bid you adieu.

Until tomorrow…


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