Pandering to the Blurry-Eyed Glance

kids-playing-13After a slow, melodious troll through the internet this morning in search of something, anything to inspire today’s post, I have come to the decision that I have nothing of import to share.

Not a drop of wisdom.

Not a speck of clever humor.

Not a single line of tirade to toss at your feet.


I fear this bodes ill for my writing day.

It is these “nothing” times that put a writer to the test. Spinning a “nada” into a “ta-da!” takes skill, passion and more than a “we share toothbrushes” relationship with b.s..

For example, this very post. A blurry-eyed glance at it and you would assume it held great meaning. Dramatic sentence structure, interesting and very deliberate word choices, the haughty air that permeates each grammatical turn puts on the airs of a really spectacular blog…

Oh, how wrong a blurry-eyed glance may be.

Bottom line: Putting on a show is part of the writer’s gig.

Embrace the b.s. and. fortune willing, when the time comes, it will not embrace you.

Until tomorrow…


POST NOTE: Hand-written apologies for this post will be available upon request.

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