The Headline Grabbers

newspapersA bit of a news-heavy post this morning. Prepare accordingly.

First up is this spectacular headline: “Chloe Stowe and Riverdale Ave. Books Sign Five-Book Deal!”

Yep, your intrepid blogger has just signed the contract for Riverdale Ave. to re-publish my five currently “out of print” titles. Timetables for releases and such are still unknown. As always, I’ll let you know when I know.

Right now, I’m just celebrating the fact that the Chloe Stowe “brand” (no laughter, please) will invade another publishing house. My plan for literary world domination is right on schedule it seems (now, you can laugh).

Second headline of this Monday morning is really back-page material, tucked in with the Classifieds and the Comics:  “Another Psychiatrist Visit for Little Known Author.”

Yes, it’s that time again to put my funny little mind on the head-shrinker’s plate.

Despite the imagery, these appointments always go well and are hardly newsworthy to anyone besides me and the furry, four-legged muse. However, I include it as part of that full disclosure deal I signed with my followers back in January of ’14. You get it all, ladies and gents. But, please, feel free to crumple this back-page up and toss in the nearest bin.

And there you have the Chloe Stowe news of the day.

Now, back to regular programming.

Until tomorrow…


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