Milling About in the Wings

stockvault-vintage-admission-ticket---front-side151681Quiet, please.

Just for a moment.

Now, listen really, really hard.

That scuffling you hear in the wings? That murmur of fervent whispers? Those impatient sighs at the theater’s backdoor? Well, ladies and gents, that would be the newly conceived characters from my next novel milling anxiously about.

While The Hushing Days is nearing its first round of full dress rehearsals, I have made the probably foolish decision to invite the next show’s crew into the playhouse.

Last night, I began picking out names for my yet un-named and definitely un-plotted book. Heck, all I’ve really got locked up right now are some really nifty locations and the genre tag of “historical, mainstream romance.”

Well, ok, now I’ve got four names, too.

Whether these monikers will belong to supporting or starring casts, or whether they will make the playbill at all is a matter completely up in the air. But whoever these characters turn out to be, they are now here. And they are milling.

This could be a colossal mistake.

This could also be darn entertaining.

Stay tuned.

Until tomorrow…


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