Of Mice and Cake: An Author’s Debate

stockvault-slice-of-fresh-berry-cake160153Can a successful (i.e. sellable) romance novel handle a male lead?

*Duh. M/M genre, hello. Not to mention dozens of mainstream affairs that follow the man instead of the woman. Next question.*

Is a successful (i.e. sellable) romance novel with a male lead a reasonable goal for an author’s second mainstream work?

*In theory, doable. A good book is a good book no matter how many mainstreamers an author has got under their belt.*

But I asked if it was reasonable? You know, smart? Savvy? Or would it be just plain foolhardy? Why bake a four layer cake with raspberry filling when a vanilla sheet cake will do?

*You’re you. Why start taking the easy way out now? Why go for the neon-colored door with “Success Inside” emblazoned upon it? Try to squeeze your crazy self through that mouse-hole behind the 500 lb. wardrobe. Go ahead. I dare you.*

Dare excepted.

I’d like to announce that my next mainstream historical romance will have a male lead.

Good day.

Until tomorrow…


Post Note: This is how my brain works. This is why I’m on medication. Any other questions?

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