stockvault-skull165502Had a bit of a “Oh crap! Is that bone?” moment yesterday.

*pauses, realizes an explanation is probably needed, sighs but musters on with it…*

Imagine this, if you will. You are walking across a room and you accidentally bang your leg on the corner of the coffee table. It smarts, stings quite sharply actually but it’s generally more annoying than anything. You glance down at your leg fully prepared to ream the limb out for being a clumsy oaf when you see your shin…

Your jeans are ripped open.

Your skin is ripped open.

Whatever musculature and other anatomical b.s. there was in your leg is flayed open revealing a stark streak of white, leading you to mouth in almost comical horror, “Oh crap! Is that bone?”

Yep. Had one of those moments yesterday.

Of course, being me the whole embarrassing exercise was psychological. You know, mental. All in my head.

I thought I was going to handle something perfectly ok for me.  Knew I was going to be nervous, but knew how to handle it. Then…

Bang! The old metaphorical leg hits the coffee table and there’s bone and stark white panic everywhere.

Needless to say, it was messy.

Doing better now. All the psychological b.s. is firmly back in place and I’m ready to face the world again.

Now, ain’t the world lucky?

Until tomorrow…


Post Note: Another example of full disclosure fallout, I’m afraid. Sorry. Feel free to scrape this from your consciousness.

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