stockvault-glamour-portrait132357After a downer of a blog yesterday, I am determined to recover today with panache.

*four-legged, furry muse snickers into her afghan*

Well, at least panache will be tried.

Short of that admittedly lofty goal at least there will be an abundance of plumage and sequins. Who doesn’t love feathers and sparklies, right?

*four-legged, furry muse harrumphs a “You’re trying way too hard, hon” into her afghan*

Alright, I do feel that I owe you something more than I’ve been giving you as of late. However, when a writer is taking a rather forced sabbatical from her craft, it is spectacularly difficult to keep up the “author talk” when there’s no authoring going on.

*”Tell them the good news before they leave, babe,” the wise, canine one mumbles from my side*

Sunday, I return to my world. I’m going back home and will once again take up the pen with gusto. The Hushing Days will once again be foremost in my mind and should get done within a month to six weeks time.

Hence, these blogs will improve.

Hence, there will be no more scrambling for panache.

Hence, peacocks and ostriches world-wide can rest easier.

I think my job here is done.

Until tomorrow…


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