The Thrill


With the wildlife population in my backyard reduced by 4.3 million this morning (yes, the ants are dead), I can finally turn my attention back to my long abandoned The Hushing Days!

I’m nearly breathless with excitement. (Yes, I really am that pitiful)

My heart is trilling like I was standing inside the entrance gates of a huge, magnificent amusement park with all the rides just waiting for me to climb on.

Should I head straight for the rollercoasters? The ups and downs of a classically tortured romance would be a thrilling way to jump right back into the story.

Or, perhaps, a gentle train ride around the park would be the better way to start things out? A trip around the sloping hills and dales of sceneries and settings could be the perfect way to ease back in to the festivities.

Of course, I have always been a sucker for the water rides. Give me a boat plunging off a thirty-foot waterfall any amusement park day. Getting all wet in the novel’s tragically churning waters is awfully tempting.


Perhaps, I’ll just stop and stare for a moment? Enjoy the moment. Taste the thrill in the air.

Yeah, I think I’ll do just that for one minute more.

Until tomorrow…


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