The Curse of Apathy

monkeys-05Sometimes a character just doesn’t grow on an author. There’s no active dislike, mind you. Only apathy.

Apathy is a terrible, terrible thing for a writer.

*”Why?” a chorus of visiting five year olds screech from the back of the blogging auditorium… Excuse me, but what happened to field trips to fire stations and zoos, for goodness sake?*

To answer your question, it’s because apathy in the writer leads to apathy in the reader.

If an author doesn’t care a wit for a guy, how is the audience supposed to scrounge up any feelings for him either. Caring whether a character lives or dies, suffers or prospers, disappears from the page or owns it entirely is key to a successful story. It just is.

So, Brone’s continued blahness in The Hushing Days must be addressed. Relegating him to background fodder is impossible at this point, but readjusting the story’s focus just a bit is doable.

Accordingly, that is what I’m doing… Although, honestly, I’d rather slip out with the five year olds and head to the monkey house.

Until tomorrow…


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