Soaring on Simplicity

stockvault-aeroplane-in-the-sky131895With the re-imagining of Brone and the addition of the historically inaccurate Pettypool, The Hushing Days has taken on a simplicity that is both kind to the writer and refreshing to the reader.

Yes, I feel my confidence soaring. (Admittedly, it’s more like a single engine prop plane put-putting across the sky than a Boeing jetliner, but I’ll take my soaring however I can get it.)

With only 9 days left to reach my self-sanctioned deadline, I know I’ll make the word count. That has been my chief goal, and I am absolutely giddy at the prospect.

Loose ends, connecting paragraphs, last minute fluffing and unfluffing is incredibly easier when you’re not checking out the word count every other sentence. (Been there. Done that. Hate it.)

So, excuse me while I enjoy a little literary high-flying.

It certainly is pretty up here.

Until tomorrow…


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