The Question of Jiggle

stockvault-water131859For a book which is so agonizingly close to being done, there is a heck of a lot of fluidity still left in my old gal.

Whether this manipulability practically throbbing from The Hushing Days is good or very, very bad, I have no idea. My four-legged, furry muse is virtually mum on the subject, only giving me an enigmatic little smile whenever I beg her for answers. “Oh, you’ll see, young one,” her eyes gleam in a very Yoda-like way, “You’ll see.”

Excuse me, but I’d prefer just to be told.

Or a little written reassurance would do.

Would a thumbs up or thumbs down from the muse in charge be too much to ask for?… Apparently the answer to that is “Uh, yeah,” since my muse/dog has no thumbs.


Fine. Me and my waterbed-ish novel will go off and slosh now.

Anybody have some Dramamine?

Until tomorrow…


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