Acknowledge the Cocoon

furniture-07An author is loathe to allow changes to her fragile writing cocoon.

Once she is ‘in the groove’, as they say, disturbances to her immediate environs is dangerous not only to her project but to the disturber as well.

For example…

Yesterday, two men came and took my couch. (The fact that they worked for a charity, and the fact that I am receiving a brand new, better couch today is not the point, ok?)

While I have many other places in which to settle my writer’s derriere, my creative spirit wanted only the couch yesterday.  Chairs, beds, floor, and one really frightening moment at a desk, were all tried and dismissed with a disgusted huff. (FYI: My four-legged, furry muse jumped on the “This is crap” bandwagon too. I can always count on my dog to help things along.)

So, I got no writing done yesterday.


Instead, I fussed and fumed and spoiled-bratted myself into quite a tizzy.

Bottom line: Acknowledge the sanctity of your cocoon and bow to it… i.e., always have a spare couch handy.

Until tomorrow…


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