A Plan Coming Together

stockvault-pile-of-paper117595Now that I’ve been re-couched (in a hot, little, red number, no less), I am ready to resume the “Full speed ahead!” pace on The Hushing Days.

With only 5 more full writing days left before my self-imposed deadline on July 1st, I have a lot of work to do.

But, fear not, I also have a plan!

The Brone situation has just about cleared itself up. (The troublesome major character has been shifted into soft side-lighting, leaving his supposed honey center stage.) I should only have another two days of writing to get that plot nicely fleshed out and ready for edits.

Speaking of edits, here comes the plan… After all Brone issues are tidied up, the first printing out of the entire manuscript will occur!

Once I have the entire book laid out in front of me, a critical eye will be raked across its body. Notes of blemishes, inefficiencies, over-efficiencies, and completely absent parts will be made, studied, hyperventilated over and then dealt with using an abundance of speed, tact and TUMS.

How long this process will take is anybody’s guess. Fingers are crossed for two weeks, but reality is planning for four.

*feels a cold sweat coming on*

I think I’ll get a head start on those TUMS right now.

Until tomorrow…


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