A Game of Rocks

stockvault-milwaukee-harborfront114481Twenty boulders of various tonnage sit side by side one foot from a bright yellow finish line.

The objective is to somehow finagle each rock across the line before August 1.

All manner of implements of assistance are allowed, save for dynamite. The stones are as small as they’re going to get. Deal with it.

This is a one-player game. No mercenary clans, slave armies or Middle-Earth Orcs may aid you. You, my friends, are alone.

*a furry paw slaps the keyboard in heated protest*

Ok, correction, you and your four-legged, furry muse are alone to face this task.

What are you going to do?


Yeah, well, this is the problem I’ve found myself in with The Hushing Days. I’ve got 20 chapters in various stages of being done. The bright yellow line is Final Edits. I need to get all chapters across that line before August 1 (self-imposed deadline, by the way; I work better under a time crunch).

So far my strategy of simply “putting my back into it” isn’t working.

It’s time to get creative!

Yeah, um, I’ll let you know how that goes.

Until tomorrow…


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