Tidbits, Truths and Lizards

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREWith the final day of July upon us, it is time for the monthly gathering of Chloe tidbits!

Please enjoy these specks of the writerly me. They are neither contagious nor itchy.

1.) Stymied once again about chapter length, The Hushing Days and I are aiming for 4,500 words per parcel. Whether this is too long or too expected, I have no idea. But I’m tired of thinking about it, so 4,500 it is.

2.) I might, perhaps, possibly have developed a thing for Bryce Harper’s collarbones. The Washington Nationals outfielder has a habit of wearing his jersey open at the top with nothing but lovely skin beneath. Hence the collarbone thing. Surprisingly, I feel no shame in this. My motto: Enjoy the things that make you drool in this life. What’s a little spit among friends?

3.) Speaking of sexy, The Hushing Days’ MPAA rating has yet to be firmed up. Certainly it’s at least PG-13 for violence and dastardly thoughts, but whether the sexual content will stretch to an R level or not is still very much up in the air.

4.) Thanks to the ungodly steam and storm of this July, my little garden is now a little jungle. The size of the lizards has grown alarming, and I fear monkeys have moved in.

5.) I’m ready to be done with The Hushing Days.

6.) I’m scared to be done with The Hushing Days.

7.) Have I mentioned Bryce Harper’s collarbones?


Until tomorrow…


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