Gone Fishing

stockvault-old-air-force-barracks109947Fear not, faithful followers. The world has not swallowed me whole. I am indeed alive, well and sincerely apologetic for not posting a single word yesterday.

Visiting family, including a 4 year old charmer of a nephew, captured all of my attention Monday. This may be a common occurrence the rest of this week so I can’t honestly guarantee a daily blog every, well, day.

I trust you all will be able to muddle through without my sparkling wit and dour outlook creeping in through the cracks of your day.

Rest assured that while I’m neglecting this blog, I am neglecting The Hushing Days as well. So, you won’t be missing a single struggle or triumph as I shove the behemoth of a novel over that finish line… You’re welcome, by the way.

Enjoy your potentially Chloe-less time this week, everyone!

Until tomorrow… or the next day… or for sure next Monday…


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