Bullish Ways

Cow in the field.A manuscript and its author are sometimes separated. Writing simply can’t occur… at least writing on your certain, baby of a project is impossible for whatever reason. It’s a bummer, a real sucky time. But as long as your mind is still whirring, progress can be made.


Ok, it’s tricky. And requires concentration (not always in abundant supply in these bummer times). And a few gymnastic maneuvers of your old memory (always great to work out those kinks, right?). Anyhow, it can happen. Let me illustrate.

Whenever lost in a moment of utter unwritinghood (there’s a new word for you), look to the sky. I mean it.

What’s the weather doing wherever you are? If you’re inside, find a window and take a peek at the atmosphere. Now, describe it in a paragraph. Yes, a whole paragraph. And while you’re at it, describe it using only vegetable imagery. Yes, I’m talking carrots, rutabagas, and the like.

Be serious about it. Treat it as if it’s the opening scene in your greatest best seller.

Once you’ve got it down precisely in your head, either find a scrap of paper and scribble, or put those memory muscles to use. If it’s a really fine opener, you should have little trouble remembering your word and rhythm choices.

Now, describe the same weather using only the sense of taste.

Then so on and so forth.

Get the picture? (If not, try working it out in bovine imagery.)

Until tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Bullish Ways

  1. This is a great idea! never thought about describing things like the sky with my sense of taste 🙂 but I haven’t developed that sense in my writing yet… wonder if it’s because I don’t train that muscle of thought, I’m going to implement this idea 🙂


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