Fool’s Errand or Brilliance?

stockvault-delicious-donuts174199Is a late-in-the-game re-imagining of a manuscript’s chapters a fool’s errand or brilliance?


I certainly don’t know so don’t look at me. I’m the clueless one here who is considering chopping and dicing The Hushing Days’ 20 carefully-structured chapters into 30.

That whole “roundtripping the reader” thing I blogged about several days ago is still itching against my authorly skin. Switching scenes from New York to Philadelphia back to New York in a single chapter of Revolutionary War-era romance is worrying me ragged.

So, I’m staring at the scissors hard, looking for ads for machetes in the paper, and contemplating renting a chipper-shredder for the day.


*worries nervously at nails*

What if less is really more?  What if 20 donuts are indeed more filling than 30-something donut holes? What if…

Yeah, yeah, you get the picture, I’m sure.

Now, I just need the answer before my chainsaw gets cranking.

Until tomorrow…


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