Seedy Intentions

garden-11There are always seeds rattling around in my pocket. Little specks of storylines I like to plant in the soil of a manuscript’s early chapters.

This is all well and good… when you’re actually writing Chapter One.

However, when the cogs of progress have churned sufficiently to crank the novel into edits, this seed-laying mania is a bit not good.

Case in point: As I’ve reported this week, I have decided to jumpstart the editing of The Hushing Days by abandoning the corrections of Chapter Seven and turning my eraser and white-out to the always challenging Chapter One.

So, while I’m editing away at the chapter, adding this and that while marking out a whole bunch of other, I keep finding myself reaching for the seeds in my pocket…

Bad, bad author!

The editing process is not the time to add tangents, side roads or off-shoots.

Plant one seed in Chapter One and you’ll be tending it the whole novel long.

This is not the time, girl!

Or so I keep chiding myself every time I stick another storyline into the ground.


Maybe the 2050 book market will be hungry for a 300K The Hushing Days? One can only hope.

Until tomorrow…


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