Manuscript Form

stockvault-dressforms114272No preamble required.

No overture called for.

Even a gaunt little prologue would be needless here. The news is simple, quaint and rather grand in my small world.

I, Chloe Stowe, actually got work done yesterday on The Hushing Days!

Oh, it was hardly substantial by my (or any writer’s) normal standard, but it was several hundred words written and several important editing decisions made.

I believe the manuscript actually giggled a little in delight when I touched her. It had been so long I’m surprised she didn’t slap my pen away… (Why my manuscript has suddenly, just now in fact, taken on feminine form in my mind I can only imagine.  Probably in retaliation from yesterday’s post. Ah, well, who knows?)

Anyway, bottom line and all… work was done yesterday, and I and she were glad of it.

Until tomorrow…


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